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Jewish • Hebrew • Yiddish • Israeli • Sephardic

Jewish • Hebrew • Yiddish • Israeli • Sephardic

These are just a few, but you can see the entire collection HERE!

Peace Love Latkes         Mod Evil Eyes     Rambam (Maimonides)  All the Chanukah Collection


   Not a Party Without a Sefardi         Hamsa Exotika in Blue    Yentl Floss        Hip Maccabee Names


Passover Heroes Names       Eating Ur Latkes        Sponja: Israeli Floor Cleaning     I'm With Schmendrick


Modern Rosh Hashanah Cards    Proud IDF Mom       Shabbat Challah Covers    Keep Calm & Daven On


Asian • Japanese • Chinese • Zodiac • Haiku • Karaoke • Mah-Jong & More

Asian • Japanese • Chinese • Zodiac • Haiku • Karaoke • Mah-Jong & More

These are just a few, but you can see the entire collection HERE!

Asian New Year of the Dragon   Wasabi With You?   Japanese Haiku Dragonfly  


Peace Love Mah-Jong     Japanese Food: Natto    Mmm... Tofu! Retro         Keep Calm & Karaoke


Lucky Japanese Coin                 Powered by Bagoong      Japanese food


Kitty & Doggy X-Bones

Kitty & Doggy X-Bones

These are just a few, but you can see the entire collection!

  119416.7512322  119416.2296963  119416.5098334


  119416.12188826   119416.7101709   119416.12188882    119416.6886267

Geology • Gem & Mineral • Earth Science • Rock-hounds

Geology • Gem & Mineral • Earth Science • Rock-hounds

Wonderfully clever and punny geology tees and even some gear for rock-hounding field trips.
See all the designs HERE, and feel free to contact me for club tees.


Rock Hound  (Distressed)      Re-Unite Pangea       Good Schist       Rockhound Cafe

Pyrites         Law & Ore      Trilobite MeVuggedaboudit

Big Butte        Future Geologist      Future Paleontologist       Earthquake

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Culinary • Coffee • Wine • Cheese

Culinary • Coffee • Wine • Cheese

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Culinary and Gourmet T-Shirts     Wine Terms     Coffee Terms     Cheese Terms


Wine “Terroirism”

Terroir    Terroirist with Plot      Terroirist


As Seen In

Bleech Teen Magazine featured my geology and earth science tees. “At UnEarthedTees they ask the question we all want to know… “Does this butte make my shirt look big?” They’ve dig up some of the best mineral tees that are sure to please the most jaded geologist or rockhound. If you are a geo-geek you gotta see the merch on this site.”


Bleech Magazine

“I stumbled across these hilariously unique Twilight tees and couldn’t help sharing them. While everyone else is wearing their “TEAM EDWARD” or “TEAM JACOB” tees to the opening of the New Moon movie, you can be different in one of these. Plus, the subtle humor means you can wear them every day without looking like an obsessed fangirl.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 5.51.12 PM


Rotem Gear’s Future Paleontologist toddler shirt was featured twice in Best Hip Todder Shirts for its “nerdy hip factor” and How to have a Dinosaur Day with the Kids.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 5.51.12 PM


Rotem Gear
creator and designer RJ Roth has a similar sense of humor as we do, which is something we can totally appreciate. So if you get a kick out of our daily comments, check out some of her snarky tees. Our favorite? The gotta-live-in-LA-to-appreciate-it “Loved Your Script.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 5.38.25 PM


Hey Procrastinators! Five Last-Minute, Homegrown Gift Ideas For a Franklin or Less


“Rotem Gear offers a full range of playful original graphic Passover holiday items that are unforgettable and like nothing else you’ve ever seen. From pillows where guests can recline around the table and darling baby onesies, to conversation piece drinking glasses, potholders, cutting boards and snack plates, there is so much to choose from.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 5.35.45 PM

Exclusive feature


Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 5.27.43 PM
“Top Ten Gifts for Hanukkah”


This humorous ethnic pop culture book features several RotemGear products


(Available on

Cool Jew Book

“To make sure your tot grows up rooting for the right team, consider this Go Veggies Infant Creeper. Made of 100% organic cotton… it reduces your kid’s carbon footprint. Mother Earth will thank you.”

A special publication of Birds & Blooms

Grow Veggies

Rotem Gear is discussed in this in-depth historical look at Jewish dress from ancient times to modern, by cultural anthropology professor Eric Silverman.

jewish dress book

(Available at


“ … an eclectic site with a fantastic selection of ethnic, retro and pop culture tees and products that are affordable.” ––featured fashion commentator Kara Birkenstock


(Link to YouTube)

93.5 FM

If you do time at the gym and seek to outdo your Hilfiger-sporting rivals, perhaps you’dlike a more concentrated selection in the T-shirt line. Why not let all those watching you sweat know that you are, indeed: ‘A Hebester,’ ‘Kosher Girl,’ ‘not yo’ mama’s nice Jewish boy,’ or an ‘M.O.T.’ (Member of the Tribe)? Move over Ralph Lauren, and make room for…’



“Got Falafel” ringer tee modeled and featured in Holiday Gift Guide



Valentine Shmalentine T-Shirt …
“For your bitchy friend who insists she hates Valentine’s Day! Pretty funny.”


Valentines Day Gift Feature


The “10” Show Valentines Day Gift Guide


(link to YouTube)